Nick Fuentes has just been banned off of YouTube for “hate speech.”

It was really only a matter of time before he got banned. The Jews who run YouTube have been banning anybody and everybody who disagrees with mainstream Jewish agendas. Not even Bernie Sanders supporters are safe at this point.

The tone deaf kike Ben Shapiro said that he didn’t support Fuentes being banned even though he lobbied to have him banned. Shapiro was particularly upset at Fuentes for making a joke about him while playing Grand Theft Auto 5.

Fuentes will continue streaming his show on Dlive which is a far better and funner site than YouTube any way.

This just reiterates the fact that YouTube is a huge joke. There is barely any interesting political content on the site and anything that is remotely interesting is buried by their search algorithms.

It sure would be nice if Donald Trump did something about all this big tech censorship but he won’t. He literally seems to think these trillion dollar tech monopolies which actively discriminate against people for their political views are making America great again.