It looks as if James Wolfe the former top man in charge of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee has been busted leaking classified information. Even though he’s not being officially charged with this crime, he was just in court for lying about various contacts he had with journalists.

Fox News:

The indictment of former Senate Intelligence Committee aide James Wolfe for allegedly lying to investigators about contacts with a reporter he was dating and others could serve to reinforce a simple message: romance and government secrets are a dangerous mix.

Wolfe served as the panel’s security director for 29 years. He was indicted on Thursday for allegedly making false statements to FBI investigators looking into possible leaks.

The indictment alleged he lied to the FBI in December 2017 about contacts he had with several reporters, though Wolfe was not charged with disclosing classified information. One of those reporters was New York Times National Security Correspondent Ali Watkins, with whom he had a romantic relationship for three years, according to the indictment.

Watkins was a former Buzzfeed reporter who quickly rose to prominence in the world of media eventually being offered a position at the New York Times.

Watkins was basically fucking this older dude in order to get information she could use for her stories. There’s not really much doubt about what was going on here.

She broke the April 2017 story about Carter Page meeting with a Russian spy in 2013. This information was presumably sourced from information she got from Wolfe.

She even referenced the idea of fucking men for information on Twitter several years back.

And shit, even some of her colleagues at Buzzfeed were aware of the relationship she had with Wolfe.

This is quite the story to say the least. This Wolfe guy ruined his life all to bang some chubby chick in her 20s. And after she landed that top-tier job at the New York Times, their relationship ended. Guess after Watkins got her dream reporting job she no longer felt the need to prostitute herself to this dude for information.

This is the type of behavior you’d expect to see from a female spy and it’s probably why she got her gig at the New York Times. I’m 100 percent supportive of a free press, but organizations like Buzzfeed, the New York Times, CNN and others are not practicing journalism. They are Jewish disinformation/spy operations that are actively working against the interests of America. They should all be investigated and shut down.