Out of abundance of retardation, the Marxist nigger-fucker Bill de Blasio has closed schools because of the very, very, very deadly coronavirus. A virus that around 99.99 percent of people survive with no issues.

This asshole is one of these people that talks about following the science. Well, if he were really following scientific data, he would understand that there is a miniscule chance of anyone under the age of 18 dying from this. So as a result, no reason to close the schools.

Europe which has implemented all sorts of weird lockdowns hasn’t gone forward with these types of school closures. Because they at least recognize that the risk to young people is miniscule.

I have no idea why anybody would want to live in New York City at this point. What benefit is there? It’s no wonder why hundreds of thousands of people have already left. The city is unlivable now.