A new study is claiming that White robots are a product of racism.


There’s a new player in the Oppression Olympics – robots. Once thought to be above such petty human concerns, our would-be overlords have been tainted by their human creators with the original sin of racism, a new study claims.

Most of the robots coming off the assembly line are white, and this is problematic, according to a team of researchers from the Human Interface Technology lab in New Zealand. While there are legitimate reasons for this color choice – white shows dirt and foreign objects more readily and is less likely to retain heat than other colors – the self-styled sentinels of sensitivity jumped right to announcing that humanity’s inherent racism has been reproduced in the bots we’ve built. And CNN, for one, is extremely concerned.

As the above blurb mentions, there are practical reasons why many robots are White in color. It has nothing to do with hatred of skin color. But trying to explain this logically to the insane people who believe this nonsense is almost pointless now.

It’s also worth repeating that people have issues with brown and black people not because of their skin color but because of their general behavior. It’s a proven fact that they are more violent and more likely to engage in criminal acts.

But how retarded have our societies become when we have studies concluding that the color of a robot is somehow a projection of racism? The people who put this study together belong in an insane asylum.