A new Star Wars film was just released in time for the Christmas season. What’s interesting about this new movie is that a large segment of the audience is rejecting it. Note the disparity between the critics and the audience via Rotten Tomatoes.

While I have not seen this movie nor plan on seeing it, the latest trilogy is sending an obvious message. The bad guys are a group of evil White males where as the good guys are a group of empowered women and non-Whites. They even have that idiotic Negro Stormtrooper.

Some Star Wars fans have noted that the new movie is an insult to the intelligence of fans of the original movies.

Of course, we shouldn’t be too surprised at any of this. The movie is being put out by Disney which is run by Jews. Why wouldn’t they push social justice warrior and multicultural garbage in Star Wars?

Jews destroy everything, so is it any surprise that they would also destroy the Star Wars franchise?

Let’s hope they continue to ruin all of these pop culture dynasties. Every time this happens, it is a win for us in the culture war.