Imagine my shock at this news. Another skank has come out of nowhere to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her. This new bitch is accusing him of putting his dick in her face while she was drunk when they were in college over 30 years ago. A dildo is said to have been involved as well.

Like the other alleged incident, there are no witnesses to confirm this story. The old whore admits that she was trashed when it happened and that her memory is fuzzy. None of that stopped Ronan Farrow from putting the story in the New Yorker. The thing is, the story was so flimsy, even the fake news Jews over at the New York Times refused to publish it.

And then on top of this, you got Stormy Daniels lawyer posting this type of retard-tier shit on Twitter.

Clearly, the Democrat strategy is to bring out as many bullshit accusations from as many sluts as possible to prevent Kavanaugh’s nomination from going forward. Avenatti even claims that a third Kavanaugh accuser will be coming forward.

Kavanaugh did an interview on Fox News with his wife to refute the accusations. He said that the accusations were totally false and even stated that he was a virgin throughout high school and into college.

This situation is such a circus. The Republicans need to push forward with a vote. It’s absurd that government business can be held up over accusations that have no merit or substance.