This omnibus funding bill that Trump is reportedly going to sign is a total fucking disaster. They dropped this thing just hours before the Congressional votes and it contains 1,159 pages of horrible bullshit. They’re trying to jam this shit through hoping that nobody will pay attention to the details.

I’m not the only one saying it. The mainstream “conservative” press is saying it.

It also contains some poison pill type of stuff that is being talked about on Twitter. It allows local officials many of who are Democrats to nix barrier construction and gives incentives to flood our country with more brown filth.

This is a disaster. Call the White House and tell Trump to veto this piece of shit legislation. This is insane and horrible.


If Trump doesn’t veto this, his presidency is over. He promised last year that he would not sign another one of these shit pieces of legislation but is on the brink of doing so. Whoever is advising him on this should be fired.