How many more of these stupid memorials are we going to see erected in the name of this dumb Jew Holocaust hoax? It’s getting quite tiresome. Even if six million Jews were really stuffed into shower room gas chambers by Adolf Hitler, why are these monuments getting put up all over the United States? I thought the American military helped save the Jews from a continued Holocaust.

This type of thing is getting old. The worst part about these monuments is that they’re all extremely ugly. This one they just setup in New Jersey is one of the most horrible and uninspiring things to look at.

Some say that art reflects true nature of the soul. When we see the type of art that Jews create and promote, it is some of the most ugly and twisted crap imaginable.

Take for instance the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. It’s just a series of big cement blocks.

The fact that Germans have this horrible Jewish nonsense in the middle of their capital city is a travesty. It just shows that Jews are genetically programmed to make this world the most wretched and horrible place possible.