Mainstream pop culture is such a horrible cesspool. We can thank the Jews and their pet monkeys as the main reason why it is so terrible.

This new Beyonce/Jay-Z music video is another example of this phenomenon. Entitled “Apeshit” the video features them and a bunch of monkeys dancing around the famous Louvre museum in Paris.

The Louvre is best known for housing the Mona Lisa and other famous works of art. To see this type of degenerate garbage in such a place is seriously retarded. It’s literally and figuratively a bunch of apes shitting over Western civilization itself. I don’t know how else this could be interpreted.

But the only reason Beyonce and Jay-Z have any relevance at all is because they have been jammed down our throats by Jews who have multi-billion dollar media megaphones. They’ve created a tiny black elite class to push an Africanization and race-mixing agenda.

The thing is, this Africanization agenda has been pushed so hard and for so long that it’s created a cultural backlash. The Alt-Right, Donald Trump’s election and the rise of populism in Europe is a natural reaction to this continued onslaught of nigger garbage.