Following an Israeli F-16 fighter jet getting shot down by the Syrian military, Benjiman Netanyahu blamed the Iranians for violating their sovereignty. He was referencing an Iranian drone that apparently crossed into Israeli airspace.

Netanyahu’s statements are comical for a number of reasons. The Israelis have been regularly bombing Syria for the past several months. They also appear to have been financing and supporting Islamic terrorists in the Golan Heights an area that is internationally recognized to be Syrian territory but illegally occupied by Israel. At one point, ISIS fighters in the region apologized to Israel after attacking them by mistake.

Israel by their presence in the Golan Heights is violating Syrian territory but yet have the nerve to claim that the Iranians are up to no good because one of their drones got too close to them.

The Jews are becoming increasingly erratic with their actions and statements. The world is recognizing them for the parasitical force that they are. It seems as if they are starting to panic following a series of foreign policy failures. ISIS has been defeated and their attempt to overthrow the Iranian government ended in failure. They might just decide to wage all out war at this point and demand the United States bail them out if they get into trouble.