The Jewish war criminal of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is claiming that Iran like Nazi Germany share a ruthless commitment to murder Jews.

Netanyahu is a liar. Jews were not killed in fake shower room gas chambers by Germans during World War II. There is also no concerted effort by Iran to kill Jews. There are actually Jews who live in Iran today. If Iran was such a threat to Jews, why would Jews be living in Iran? Wouldn’t the Iranians have killed them already?

Iran represents a major regional power in the Middle East that counter balances the Zionists. This is largely why Israel despises them so much. Iran opposes Israel because these Jews have been involved in wrecking havoc in the region since Israel’s foundation. They have committed countless atrocities against the Palestinians. To Netanyahu, Iran’s stance against Israel for their insane behavior is the equivalent of them wanting to throw Jews in gas chambers.

You would think that the Jews would be happy with what they have but nothing is ever enough for them. They’re only going to destroy themselves in the long run.