Yesterday, Houthi forces from Yemen took responsibility for attacking and destroying a couple of major Saudi oil production facilities.

The Houthis are basically Iranian proxies and as a result of this attack, we see all these neocons blaming Iran for the attack while expressing their desire to do war against them.

Here’s Lindsey Graham calling for the United States to destroy Iranian oil facilities in retaliation.

And here’s the Christian Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo directly blaming Iran for disrupting the world’s energy supply.

Even Democrats like Chris Murphy are getting in on the action.

This is pure insanity. Who the fuck cares if a couple of Saudi oil facilities were destroyed?

One of the good things Donald Trump has done is that he has created an environment where the United States is a much larger energy producer. The country is at a point where it doesn’t need to buy any oil from the Saudi Arabian camel humpers.

So what is the purpose of going to war with Iran over some Saudi oil facilities getting destroyed? The only reason this would be happening is if our foreign policy is being run by Jews and their shill politicians want to use this event as an excuse to attack Iran for the benefit of Israel. There is literally no other explanation.

Let the Saudis deal with the situation they’ve created. Besides, we’ve sold them enough weapons have we not?  Maybe they’ll come to the conclusion that they shouldn’t be waging a genocidal war in Yemen. Or who knows, maybe they won’t. Either way, I don’t care.