The national guard soldiers that participated in the Washington DC security theater for Joe Biden’s fake inauguration ceremony were forced to sleep in a parking garage. This allegedly occurred after a Democrat politician complained about seeing a soldier not wearing a mask at a Dunkin Donuts.

People are apparently very angry about how they made all these soldiers sleep in a parking garage. I on the other hand could not give a shit.

These soldiers violated their oath by assisting in the installation of the illegitimate Harris-Biden regime. If they took their oath seriously, they would have refused the orders to participate in this farce. I would have preferred to face court martial than participate in the evil anti-American satanic spectacle that occurred a few days ago.

Most of them I wouldn’t even consider soldiers. Lots of them looked fat and there were plenty of ugly butch dyke women among them.

So fuck them. Couldn’t care less about their situation. They’re got what they deserved for serving evil.