Nancy Pelosi was heckled at a town hall where she was openly criticizing the tax reform package that was passed last year. The heckler asked her “how much are you worth Nancy”, since she somehow became a multimillionaire during her political career. In fact, she’s believed to be worth over $100 million which is a small fortune considering a Congressman only makes around $175K a year.

Donald Trump despite being many times wealthier than Pelosi doesn’t get heckled for having lots of money because he obtained his wealth by building substantive things. It is also why Trump has been able to relate to blue collar workers and people in the middle class.

It’s obvious that Pelosi gained her wealth through dirty political dealings. She’s done nothing of substance in the private sector. This has opened her up to this type of heckling. Especially when she refers to a few thousand dollars as “crumbs” because it shows how out of touch she is. A few thousand dollars is a good chunk of money for the average person.

Hopefully this senile bitch is forced out of Congress soon. She is an evil person and like John McCain I look forward to the day that she is dead.