Nancy Pelosi somehow thinks it is smart to attack the progressive aka Marxist wing of the Democrat Party. She was recently interviewed and mocked AOC along with the rest of the progressive wing. Leftists on Twitter have been going nuts about it and normie-con Republicans have been piling on in the aftermath.

Jimmy Dore did a video articulating the progressive view of the debacle. He exposes Pelosi as the fraud that she is.

The bottom line is that Pelosi is a figure of the past. Politics is becoming increasingly more polarized and people who are trying to navigate the political waters as a centrist like Pelosi are in the process of being pushed to the side. The political energy in the Democrat Party is with people like AOC. Yes, her ideas are completely insane, but it doesn’t matter. She and others like her have proven that they have the ability to defeat a White Democrat incumbment and it is only going to be easier for them to do this moving forward. Pelosi attacking AOC is like a swimmer trying to swim up river against the current.

The Democrat Party decided to flood the country with third world hordes and pandered to these non-White racial minorities for votes. And now we see that these minorities are taking over the party. Lots of Whites who used to be Democrats have moved over to the Republican Party simply because it is not filled with brown people pushing outright Communism and outright hate of White people.

The end result is going to be the Democrat Party filled with lots of non-White Marxists and the Republican Party filled with White people. In many ways, this accelerated political polarization is good. These brown Communists like AOC and Ilhan Omar are creating all sorts of issues for the Jewish system. It can’t sustain itself like this and seeing Pelosi flail around like this is just more proof of it.