After a questionable election result, the military in Burma aka Myanmar, took control of the country. This did not make the Jews happy as any country that doesn’t have a “democracy” represents a country that is more difficult for them to control via media and social media.

Since that time, they have funded and organized riots against the military-run government. They have primarily organized these efforts via social media.

Now, the military has completely suspended access to wireless Internet access in order to prevent these ZOG-backed riots from continuing.

The Jew Kenneth Roth from Human Rights Watch has been at the forefront of claiming that the military-run government is doing all sorts of bad things. His Twitter feed is filled with endless propaganda.

Here’s just a handful of the bullshit he’s posting. He’s literally claiming that the military is shooting children for no reason.

I’m sure he and other Jews are making all sorts of other fantastic claims about what is going on in Myanmar. They don’t care if there is evidence or proof of the claims, all they care about is discrediting the military in order to remove them from power.

The military made the mistake of allowing wireless Internet access after their takeover which opened the door to all of this. It is definitely the right move to shut it off again, but it might be too little too late. ZOG propaganda has agitated a significant number of impressionable young women who are taking to the streets in the name of “democracy” not knowing that they are serving as foot soldiers for this deranged Jewish world government system that is emerging.