The President’s proposed Moslem ban that he talked about in the early stages of his presidential campaign needs to be implemented immediately. Moslems are continuing to cause unnecessary problems in America.

Free Beacon:

Jihadist threats from homegrown terrorists in America continue to increase each month, with at least nine foreign born individuals living in the United States arrested or convicted in June of attempting to launch attacks on behalf of ISIS and other global terrorist organizations, according to newly released information by Congress.

“Cases of homegrown Islamist extremism in the U.S. continue to be an issue of concern,” according to the House Homeland Security Committee’s monthly report of terrorism in America, which has been tracking an increase in homegrown jihadists for some time. “Since 2013, there have been 154 homegrown jihadist cases in the United States” from at least 30 different states.

The information highlights the ongoing threat posed by rogue jihadists influenced by international terror groups, but not necessarily directly tied to them, which makes these would-be attackers more difficult to track for federal authorities.

The committee’s monthly report has tracked an uptick in this activity for some time, highlighting the federal government’s difficulty in thwarting terror plots across America. Domestic terror threats in the United States also have grown due to an even greater number of Western jihadists operating in Europe, where it is much easier to travel freely into the United States.

Yeah, we need to ban Moslems until we can figure out just what in the fuck is going on.

Not only should we ban all Moslems from entering America, but we should round up all Moslems currently in America and send them back to the desert. I do not give a fuck if they have papers, no papers, passports or were born in America. They need to all go.

If that’s not immediately practical, than I would advise starting by rounding up any individual who has the name Muhammad. The rest of the Moslems can be rounded up as soon as the necessary resources are available.