The Moslem Congressperson Ilhan Omar from the Somali occupied land of Minnesota took to Twitter to expose the Israeli lobby which controls Congress with their shekels. She did this in a response to a Glenn Greenwald tweet criticizing Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for putting the interests of Israel over the free speech rights of Americans. Greenwald might be a homosexual Jew, but he does provide legitimate political commentary on things from time to time.

A Jew proceeded to ask her what Jewish group was doing this and she responded by stating “AIPAC!”

AIPAC is undoubtedly the biggest and most notable pro-Israel lobbying group that exists in the United States. They absolutely use their money and influence to get politicians in both parties to support pro-Israel policies. There are many other Jews and Jewish organizations that do the same thing.

AIPAC issued this goofy response falsely claiming that Israeli interests are aligned with American values and interests.

They are trying to claim that Israeli interference in the American political system is a legitimate part of the democratic process. It obviously is not. If it is, than why do we see all these Jews going crazy about alleged Russian interference? Especially when Russia hasn’t done even a tiny fraction of the things that we see these Jews and Israelis doing. Why is it proper for Israel to do the things that they routinely claim Russia is doing? The double standard is obvious. They’re basically claiming that foreign interference is fine so long as Jews are doing it.

As much as I detest the presence of this horrible Somali Moslem woman in our country, she is 100 percent correct on this issue. And as a reasonable person, I have no problem giving credit where credit is due.

For simply exposing the Jewish influence over Congress, she has been roundly attacked as an anti-Semite by people across the political spectrum. Republicans and Democrats have come from everywhere to attack her. But there was nothing hateful about her comments, she was simply exposing an inconvenient truth.

Look at some of these tweets.

And look at this gutless faggot Kevin McCarthy. He felt compelled to write up and release an entire statement about this. He said that Republicans would take action against Omar for offending the Jews and reaffirmed his support for Israel over the interests of free political speech.

Nancy Pelosi did the same thing.

The fact that everybody in Congress ganged up on her like this, pretty much proves her point that the Israeli lobby has far too much influence and control over the American political system.

She issued an apology but maintained her criticism of AIPAC and lobbyists in general. Could have done without her criticism of the NRA though.

But honestly, she had nothing to apologize for. She only spoke the truth and there is nothing offensive about truth. Anybody who is offended by truth has something to hide and that says a great deal about Jews and their minions in general.

Overall though I am glad to see this. These brown and black people the Democrats have invited into their party are far less inclined to support Israel. We’re seeing the same thing happen to the Democrat Party that happened to the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. And the more this type of incident occurs, the easier it will be for us to expose how damaging the Jews and Israel are to our country.