The Mormons have taken a stand against the Boy Scouts. It appears as if this decision was a culmination of many things but the Boy Scouts endorsement of homosexuality and inviting girls into the organization had to have played a major role.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) will end its relationship with the Boy Scouts of America, a joint statement says.

The decision marks the end of a 105-year-old tradition that stated any boy in a Mormon congregation automatically became a Boy Scouts member.

The Mormon Church said it severed ties with the Scouts because it hopes to create its own global youth programme.

The partnership will conclude on 31 December 2019, the statement says.

I’m honestly surprised that the Mormons didn’t just end their partnership when they started allowing faggots as Scout Masters a few years back. I mean, who the fuck would send their son out into the woods with a known cock sucker? In days gone by, this would have been considered an insane thing to do.

At one point the Boy Scouts were a useful organization. It was centered around men teaching boys outdoor related skills that helped make them a man. But now the organization has become feminized and corrupted with Cultural Marxist doctrine.

Hopefully this new youth organization the Mormons are planning on setting up will be an improvement. It certainly can’t be any worse than what the Boy Scouts have turned into.