We already knew these alleged Syria chemical weapons attacks that were blamed on Bashar Al-Assad were hoaxes. But now more proof has emerged further proving this.

The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons altered documents in order to place the blame on Assad. There were also people who came forward stating that information was omitted to provide a misleading narrative.

It looks like Tucker Carlson is the only person on cable news who bothered to cover the story.

Of course, anybody could have concluded that this shit was a hoax from the start. The video allegedly showing children and babies getting gassed was some of the most retard-tier shit imaginable. And there was never anything in those videos that could link the alleged chemical weapons attack directly to Assad.

Whatever the case, this story is just going to get buried in favor of more bullshit garbage about Ukraine and impeachment. Even though this is by far a much more important story. People should know that lies conjured up the Jewish media are regularly used to convince politiicans in government to attack and invade countries.