The gay Jew Matt Drudge posted links to three separate polls claiming that roughly about 50 percent of the American people want the orange man impeached.

Fox News – 49 percent

NBC News – 49 percent

MSN – 52 percent

Drudge is letting his inner gay Jew come out and has been hyping up all this impeachment bullshit on his site.

I do not believe that half the country wants the orange man impeached over this Ukraine hoax. These polls seem to be nothing short of political propaganda much like all the 2016 election polls were. Most of them predicted a decisive victory for Hillary Clinton even though she was soundly defeated in the end.

These people don’t think they can defeat the orange man in the 2020 election which is why they’re trying to manufacture and hoax some type of reason to remove him. These hoax polls are part of this process. They’re trying to gaslight the American people into believing all this garbage.