Despite the best efforts of Turning Point USA to prevent the Zionist shill Dan Crenshaw from being confronted by groypers, a few groypers managed to ask him some uncomfortable questions. This happened during both his afternoon speaking appearance and later during his evening speaking appearance which he did with the disgusting Jewish propagandist Jonah Goldberg at Texas A&M yesterday.

We already covered the afternoon speaking appearance in another blog post. It was a relatively boring event but it was good to see that a couple of groypers got some questions in.

As far as the evening event went, a few more groypers were able to get through to question Crenshaw. He was specifically asked about anti-BDS laws being against the First Amendment and the anti-White nature of affirmative action. As expected, he provided bullshit answers to the questions. The most comical response being his claim that affirmative action laws are anti-black. lol

It’s worth noting that Turning Point USA didn’t even stream either of Crenshaw’s speaking events no doubt fearing a similar outcome that occurred at Ohio State University when Charlie Kirk and his homosexual nigger friend got wrecked. So that’s why the only video we have of these events is from a groyper streaming video on his phone.

Crenshaw is scheduled to make another appearance today. He’ll be at the University of Texas in Austin speaking from 5:30 to 6:30 PM CST.

If you are in the area and can make the trip, definitely do so. Keep pressing him on his support for Israel, ask him about the USS Liberty etc.. We also need people live streaming the event since it looks as if Turning Point USA is not going to offer any official streams.

I also think people should boo and express disgust when Crenshaw and these other shills say things about Israel being our greatest ally etc.. We’ll have to turn these Turning Point USA events into spectacles. And that is especially true if groypers are being prevented from asking questions and they only field questions from stupid boomers, planted shills and women.

But who knows, maybe tonight the groyper army will be able to get in more questions. What we do know for sure is that Turning Point USA is deliberately trying to prevent groypers from asking questions. They are deathly afraid of what’s happening here, and unfortunately for them, the fun is just starting.

Look at all these upcoming events they’ve scheduled.

Make plans to attend them when their road show comes to your area.