Last week the Jewish media was having a field day with a 30-year-old millennial named Mike Rotondo. His baby boomer parents went to court to have him thrown out of their house since he didn’t have a job. He quickly became a punching bag for people who view the millennial generation as lazy and entitled. Some even referred to him as “The Millennial” in a derogatory sense.

I’ve just been catching up on the story, but from what I’ve seen, the criticism of Rotondo has been way over the top. The media seems to have this weirdly bizarre fetish with bashing millennials that has gotten quite tiresome and old. So naturally, this story was red meat for them.

He was interviewed on CNN where Brooke Baldwin was a condescending bitch to him.

And over at Fox News, many of the commentators openly laughed at and mocked him.

But this situation isn’t all Rotondo’s fault. Sure, the guy is socially awkward and might not be the most capable of people, but it’s not like he’s an alcoholic or a drug addict collecting unlimited welfare checks. He along with other millennials entered adulthood at a very difficult time. The guy is also dealing with his son being taken away from him thanks to the feminist court system.

When the baby boomer generation came of age, there were far more quality employment opportunities available. Someone with a high school education could get a blue collar job and make enough money to support themselves and a family. These types of opportunities no longer exist thanks to the insane economic policies that have been implemented over the past several decades. Most of these opportunities were shipped overseas to foreign countries thanks to stupid trade deals. This allowed big Jew-run multinational corporations to take advantage of cheap third world labor.

On top of that, we’ve had a huge influx of foreigners that have been allowed to work in the country. Combine this with feminism bringing women into the workforce and you have a situation where real wages have been greatly depressed. This means your average entry level job today in real terms doesn’t pay anywhere near what entry level work paid back in the 1960s.

I’m a very young generation-Xer and throughout most of my adult life the economy has been a cluster fuck. It’s been even worse for millennials like Rotondo who became adults in the late 2000s right after the big financial collapse of 2008.

At least Alex Jones saw that he wasn’t being treated fairly. He did a couple of studio interviews with Rotondo and gave him $3,000. It seemed to be a public relations stunt by Jones but at least the interactions were somewhat humorous.

This sit down interview was crazy as fuck though. Especially when Jones started talking about how 5G was going to give us all cancer, organ harvesting and other extraneous topics. The best part was when he started giving Rotondo all the snake oil shit that he sells.

But quite honestly, Rotondo’s parents should have been more supportive of him. Taking him to court to get him thrown out of the house while he was trying to get his son back was an extreme thing to do. His failure to land a job and become independent is much more reflective of their own failures as parents.

Collectively, the baby boomer generation sold out their children so they could live high off the hog for the rest of their years. We see this with the crumbling society we’ve inherited. Under their stewardship, societal norms that existed for centuries were overturned, they buried us with a mountain of debt and forced us to live among third world savages. And then they have the nerve to call the younger generation lazy and entitled when they have difficulties.

Rotondo’s story is just a microcosm of this larger phenomenon. The main reason so many millennials have struggled is because they were failed by the baby boomers before them. They don’t want to admit to this failure so their children have become the scapegoats. It’s a very sad situation all around but one that must be fixed. We must not let this type of thing happen to future generations.