Apparently military forces on the border are going to be used to help paint Donald Trump’s border wall/fence. Democrats have gone nuts over this.

NY Post:

Active-duty US troops are set to begin painting a year-old stretch of fencing on the Mexican border to “improve the aesthetic appearance” — at the same time tens of thousands of asylum seekers are overwhelming border facilities and personnel.

Border Patrol spokesman Carlos Pitones said troops on Friday will begin painting a one-mile section in Calexico, California, about 120 miles east of San Diego.

The wall there has 30-foot-high rust-colored steel slats that were erected last year — the first border barriers built under President Trump, who had long promised a “big” and “beautiful” border wall.

Pitones declined to say which color the fencing would be painted.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois called the wall-painting a “disgraceful misuse” of taxpayer money.

About 2,100 active-duty Marines and Army troops are on the border, along with an additional 1,900 National Guard members sent there by governors around the country.

The proper use of military forces on the border is to shoot these hordes invading our country. But they are not being ordered to do this because of gay shit like human rights.

So yeah, it probably is a little ridiculous for the military to be painting the new border infrastructure, but it isn’t as disgraceful as Dick Durbin is making it out to be. At least painting the border wall is something being done for America. And if you don’t paint it, it will rust so there is a functional reason to paint it. The paint isn’t just for aesthetics.

But what I find really disgraceful is how American military forces are dying in wars that benefit Jews and the foreign country of Israel. That’s far more disgraceful than them being ordered to paint a border wall.

What say you Dick? Any thoughts on this subject? Or are you just going to shove some Jew dick down your throat? Because this seems like a more pressing issue than if the military is being ordered to paint Trump’s wall.

Ultimately though, none of this nonsense surrounding the wall matters. The invasion is continuing regardless.