Mike Cernovich wants you to know that he loves Israel. 

I’ve always hated Mike Cernovich from the day I learned of who he was. Like others in the Merchant Right aka Alt-Lite aka Alt-Kike, he’s a scam artist who makes money off of well meaning people who are angry with the direction of the country.

In recent weeks, he like most everyone in the Merchant Right has gone full Neo-Con Zionist. He’s even supporting Israel claiming that the “globalists” are against them. I do not believe it is a coincidence that he and these other characters came out in full support of Israel just weeks before the events in Iran.

Worse yet is that he wrote a blog post attacking Paul Nehlen because he started exposing Jews. This is unforgivable. It’d be one thing to quietly distance yourself from Nehlen for political reasons but an outright attack is ridiculous. Jewish power is one of the most important questions facing the world today.

There’s also some debate if Cernovich is a Jew or not. At one point it appeared as if he admitted being a Jew but some said that he was being sarcastic. Either way, his behavior is Jewish and his support of Jews and the Zionist terror state of Israel is undeniable.

I’d like to know how he even has an audience. The one thing I can say with great confidence is that the people following him are a bunch of retarded faggots.

Cernovich is an enemy just like these other assholes in the Merchant Right.