Bridges collapsing and killing people is a small price to pay for feminism and diversity. What would we do as a country if we did not have feminist engineers?

Yesterday a pedestrian bridge in Miami collapsed killing at least six people. It turns out that Munilla Construction Management or MCM the construction firm that built the bridge, used a group of feminist engineers to oversee the project.

MCM’s executive in charge of the project was some brown feminist named Leonor Flores. She fully admits that she is primarily concerned with ensuring that her bridges are pretty instead of being safe and functional.

Naturally, MCM employs all sorts of strong and empowered feminist women!

This company with their feminist engineers have previously been dinged for all sorts of safety violations.

And look, I’m not a civil engineer by trade but just take a good look at what the bridge looked like before it collapsed. It did not look complete. Many have also raised questions about how it could have passed inspection and why traffic was allowed to go under it. There were people still tinkering with it.

The whole situation is insane. This is what happens when you allow unqualified people dabble in serious construction projects. If you had a team of White men running this project, I can guarantee that this would not have happened. This situation is a direct result of affirmative action, feminism and diversity.

Clearly, the United States is not going in the right direction. Our infrastructure is becoming third world and newly created infrastructure is of third world quality. But hey, at least we have cultural enrichment!