The media is claiming that Mexican smugglers have been able to cut through the orange man’s new border wall/fencing structure with a $100 saw.


Smuggling gangs in Mexico have repeatedly sawed through new sections of President Trump’s border wall in recent months by using commercially available power tools, opening gaps large enough for people and drug loads to pass through, according to U.S. agents and officials with knowledge of the damage.

The breaches have been made using a popular cordless household tool known as a reciprocating saw that retails at hardware stores for as little as $100. When fitted with specialized blades, the saws can slice through one of the barrier’s steel-and-concrete bollards in minutes, according to the agents, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the barrier-defeating techniques.

Since the media failed to stop the orange man from putting up this new barrier infrastructure, they’re now claiming that the barrier infrastructure is ineffective and that the orange man’s border wall was a waste of money. This whole story seems to just be another way to attack the orange man.

I’m also skeptical of the reporting. Is it possible that someone could cut through these beams with a $100 saw in a matter of minutes? I’d like to see some actual proof that this is happening. Especially considering that this claim is coming from an anonymous source and we’ve seen a flurry of bullshit coming from anonymous government sources over the past few years.

Overall, the new barrier infrastructure seems to be improving the situation and I would certainly rather have this new infrastructure than not having it even if this report is somehow true.

Border Patrol officials in the San Diego sector did a press conference describing how the wall has been effective and has forced smugglers to try and smuggle drugs via the ocean instead.

Of course, this infrastructure is only part of the solution. If we combined this infrastructure while posting armed men with shoot to kill orders across the entire border, the problem of illegal entries, drug smuggling etc.. would come to a complete halt.