Alex Jones is getting kiked all over the place. He’s getting sued by his former Jew employee Rob Jacobson and is in the process of getting kicked off of the big social media sites.

Now, Matt Furie who is in league with the Jewish terrorist group the Anti-Defamation League, is suing Jones over a poster that has Pepe the Frog in it.


The controversial legacy of the Pepe the Frog meme won’t die — despite the best efforts of its creator.

Artist Matt Furie filed a lawsuit against Alex Jones and Free Speech Systems LLC, the company behind his “Infowars” show. Furie’s lawsuit claims that Jones and his show is violating his copyright for Pepe.

Ars Technica first reported on the suit.

The legal action is the latest step Furie has taken to wringing back Pepe the Frog from white supremacists, who co-opted it into a hate symbol. He even killed off the comic-book character in a single strip.

Here’s the poster in question.

Furie is trying to make a living out of suing people for using Pepe the Frog. This is completely insane but not unexpected from someone who has teamed up with the ADL. The ADL is an organization that literally labeled Pepe the Frog a hate symbol because people on 4chan were using the character in Nazi memes.

Jones is getting all sorts of pressure from the kikes. Even though he has deliberately avoided talking about this issue, the kikes want to shut down him and other Alt-Lite related personalities. They just want to shut down any and all platforms that have any sort of disagreement with them. It’s a full court press.

I would encourage Jones just to start calling out the Jews. Hell, Ann Coulter is even doing it. He has nothing to lose by talking about this parasitical tribe. The kikes are trying to kike him any way.

Will he do it? I doubt it but I hope I’m wrong.