Matt Forney was thrown off of his web host after doing a series of live streams on how TheRightStuff.Biz was compromised by federal agents and other insane weirdos. This Daily Stormer article provides a summary of the situation.

Coincidentally, this happened at the same time the Daily Stormer was temporarily taken offline following issues with ddos mitigation service Bitmitigate.

I previously mentioned how it was strange that the Bitmitigate/Daily Stormer situation happened after TheRightStuff.Biz was exposed on the Daily Stormer in a big way. But the fact that Forney also had issues with his hosting provider after covering the same subject matter, is even stranger.

Sure, this could just be a coincidence, but considering how so many people went off the rails defending TheRightStuff.Biz for their links to feds and weirdos, there’s certainly a chance that there was a coordinated pressure campaign to mess with both the Daily Stormer and Matt Forney.