Two mass stabbing attacks took place today.

The first one in London on the London Bridge.

The Sun:

Terrifying footage showed the suspect killed – shot twice at the scene after hero bystanders wrestled him to the ground.

The attack comes 15 months after the capital was gripped by terror when a man ploughed into cyclists outside the Houses of Parliament in August, 2018 – and two years on from the London Bridge terror attack that killed eight in 2017.

Security sources tonight said Islamic terrorism was now “a key line of enquiry”.

The BBC reported two members of the public were killed in this afternoon’s horror, with ambulance crews confirming they took three people to two London hospitals.

Neil Basu, the head of UK counter-terrorism policing, confirmed a number of people had been injured in the stabbing attack this afternoon.

Assistant Commissioner Basu said: “We believe a device was strapped to the body of the suspect was a hoax device.”

He said that while authorities were keeping an “open mind”, it had been declared as a terrorist incident.

The second in The Hague.


Dutch police say they are still looking for a suspect after a stabbing that left 3 people wounded at a busy shopping district in The Hague.

Police spokeswoman Marije Kuiper said she did not know how seriously the three people were wounded.

She said that the stabbing happened Friday night when one man attacked several people on the street. She said it was still unclear why the person started stabbing people, and police were “keeping every scenario open.”

I would blame this on Islam, but George W. Bush told me Islam is a religion of peace back in the 2000s so there is no reason to believe a Moslem would do such a thing.

Remember, diversity is our strength and multiculturalism is really really really really great!