The Jewish CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is very paranoid about his physical safety and security. The level of his paranoia is only now hitting mainstream news sites.

The Sun:

FACEBOOK CEO Mark Zuckerberg is rumoured to have a secret ‘panic chute’ in his conference room which he can use to flee the building as quickly as possible.

Last year, the security plan for Zuckerberg and his family cost Facebook $10 million(£8 million) – as new details about the billionaire’s safeguarding emerge.

Business Insider revealed these ‘panic chute’ rumours when reporting on Zuckerberg’s round-the-clock executive protection.

More than 70 people are now protected by an executive security team at Facebook, which is led by former US Secret Service special agent Jill Leavens Jones.

Due to Zuckerberg’s notoriety and having over 100 million followers on Facebook alone, he faces severe threats on a regular basis.

These threats include people threatening to kill him numerous times a week and stalkers who declare their undying love or harbour dangerous vendettas against the billionaire.

Years ago I did some work in San Francisco and talked to a couple of contractors who did work in Facebook’s headquarters. They even did some work in Zuckerberg’s office. They told me the same story that is being reported here. That Zuckerberg had some type of panic room or panic chute that allowed him to quickly escape his office in the event of a security problem. They also told me that me that Zuckerberg was a pretentious asshole. Of course I didn’t need them to tell me that. You just take one look at the kike and it’s obvious that he comes off as an extremely unlikable person.

But here’s the deal. Why does Zuckerberg require $10 million for the physical security of himself and his family along with an office panic chute? He tells us that Facebook is doing all these great things for the world. Well, if they really were doing great things for the world, he wouldn’t have to be concerned with his physical safety. People would have no reason to harm him because of all the wonderful things Facebook is doing for them.

The fact of the matter is that Facebook is one of the worst things in the world and has been a net negative for society as a whole. All the data mining abuses, privacy problems etc.. represents proof of this. And Zuckerberg deep down has to understand this which is why he is ultra paranoid about his physical safety.