Marco Rubio is talking about UFOs now. He is saying that they are real and flying over military bases.

Most UFO sightings in my opinion are really just top secret military aircraft that we haven’t been told about. So it would make sense that they would be spotted flying over military bases.

Rubio also said some weird shit about how we need to listen to the aliens who he implied could be in these UFOs.

Once again, they are setting the stage for a massive hoax involving UFOs and aliens. They’ll say that we have to listen to the aliens because they are more advanced beings than us. This will probably involve them telling the world that the Jews are the chosen people and must be put in charge of a world government. They’ll likely tell us that we have to do all sorts of other stupid stuff that will conveniently push ahead Jewish agendas.

People will believe the hoax no matter how ridiculous or crazy it turns out to be. Just look at all the mask zombies that are still running around everywhere. Even in places where there are no mask mandates, people are wearing them thinking they’ll die of a virus that has a 99.99+ percent survivability rate.

Everything is just getting increasingly insane and bizarre.

Now granted, they might not do a fake alien hoax, but just the fact that this narrative is being pushed more and more in the media indicates that the likelihood of such a hoax happening is increasing. We are seeing more and more public figures coming out and talking about this UFO/alien stuff. Rubio is just the latest person in a long line of people who have been talking about this topic.