Marco Rubio’s Twitter feed is all sorts of fucked up. Nearly every tweet he’s posted over the past few days has centered around his enthusiastic endorsement of overthrowing the Venezuelan government and murdering Nicolas Maduro. It’s like Tony Montana has taken over his Twitter feed.

He posted one tweet implying that Maduro should be raped in the ass with a knife and killed like Libya’s former leader Gaddaffi.

Before that, he threatened Maduro with prison by tweeting a photo of Panama’s former leader Manuel Noriega in a mug shot next to a picture of him holding a machete.

Apparently he thought prison time for Maduro was too soft, so he reconsidered and opted to lobby for his death via knife anal rape.

He also posted a montage of newspaper headlines to bolster his justification for overthrowing the Venezuelan government and to promote his knife anal rape agenda.

But there’s countless other tweets like that on his feed. At time of writing he’s tweeting about so-called “journalist” Jorge Ramos being held prisoner by Maduro. This he says is justification to have a very large knife jammed up Maduro’s rectum.

It’s some truly crazy shit. Rubio has seemingly transformed himself into a real life Scarface. He’s probably speed tweeting all this shit while snorting mountains of cocaine off his Senate office desk as I write this.

And to think that I thought Rubio was some spineless faggot who attended homosexual foam parties. Looks like I figured him wrong.