Marco Rubio is on Twitter advocating war against Iran on behalf of Israel. His tweets are completely insane and they were re-tweeted by the orange potato man.

Rubio claims it is “common sense” that Iran attacked those oil tankers. But actually, it is “common sense” to say that Iran had nothing to gain by doing it. Why would they attack a Japanese owned oil tanker at the exact time that they are meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister? Especially considering it was their first official meeting in four decades. It makes no sense.

And “common sense” dictates that the video provided by the US military shows nothing conclusive. The video is blurry as fuck and looks like it was shot with a camera that was made in the 1920s.

But because of this Rubio wants to spend trillions of dollars to invade Iran. How would such a thing benefit America? Clearly this fool is not working for the best interests of America but is working for the best interests of Israel. The Jews are the only ones who would gain from a war with Iran.