We’ve been saying for awhile now that the Jews were going to lobby to ban anything that’s remotely right-wing off the Internet. They’re now aggressively targeting the manosphere which includes MGTOW and assorted men’s rights content.

Roosh a pickup artist turned self-help guru who is one of the more well-known figures in the manosphere was banned off of Instagram and Wepay.

This happened just after he announced a meet-up tour across the United States.

Roosh wasn’t the only one targeted.

Chateau Heartiste a popular anti-feminist blogger was thrown off of WordPress’s blog hosting.

I was not familiar with this person’s work but there were a number of people very angry about his blog getting nuked. One of his last blog posts was ironically about tech censorship.

Ken DelRican a YouTuber who did MGTOW content was recently banned off the site. Fellow MGTOW vlogger Hammerhand did a short video about the ban.

There’s apparently been a more aggressive push to ban MGTOW content off of YouTube which I personally find to be quite fucked up. MGTOW which stands for “men going their own way” is just a group of men who are tired female bullshit and don’t want relationships with women because of the obvious risks involved. The fact that this type of content is being targeted shows how draconian tech censorship is becoming. They’re basically mandating that you accept feminism or you can’t have a YouTube channel.

These bans are ultimately going to prove counterproductive. They have no idea what they’re unleashing by banning all dissent from the digital public square. It’s only going to result in this dissent going underground where it will become increasingly radicalized.