Some asshole just decided to set himself on fire outside the White House.

Daily Mail:

A man set himself on fire Wednesday near the White House with shocking footage showing him engulfed in flames, the Secret Service said.

Shocking footage of the incident was posted showing the unidentified individual walking calmly across a lawn south of the White House as he is fully engulfed in flames.

Several seconds later, staff run towards him with a fire extinguisher to quell the flames, with the incident happening less than a mile from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

He managed to stand upright before officials got to him, amid reports that he was wearing a protective suit which would have shielded him from catastrophic burns and even death.

It is currently not known what condition he is in but it is believed that he was transported to a nearby hospital.

More than 70 officers swarmed to the area from multiple agencies. Several tourists and visitors were in the vicinity, but there were no other injuries.

What a loser. We obviously don’t know exactly why he did this, but if you are going to set yourself on fire to make a political statement, you better make sure that you die. Because if you don’t die, you just come off as a stupid mother fucker who couldn’t even successfully kill yourself. And if it wasn’t your intention to kill yourself, than it shows that you weren’t really all that serious about your political convictions.

What a dumbass lol.