A man in New Zealand has been put in jail for 21 months because he shared video footage of Brenton Tarrant’s mosque visit.


A New Zealand man who shared a livestream video of the Christchurch mosque attacks has been jailed for 21 months.

Philip Arps sent the video to 30 people and to a friend, asking for it to be modified to include a “kill count”.

Christchurch District Judge Stephen O’Driscoll said Arps held “unrepentant views” towards the Muslim community.

A gunman killed 51 people in the attack on Muslims at a mosque and Islamic centre during Friday prayers in March.

At the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday, Arps pleaded guilty to two charges of distributing objectionable material for sharing footage that was livestreamed to social media during the attack.

The court heard that Arps had also intended to share a modified video – which included crosshairs and a kill count. He had described the modified footage as “awesome”, the New Zealand Herald reports.

That modified video does sound awesome. If anybody has a copy I’d love to see it.

But all that aside, what does it say about New Zealand when sharing a video clip can land someone in prison? What sort of fucked up society do they have over there?