So some Negress with her child were swimming in a private community pool. The man involved with the homeowners association named Adam Bloom who had responsibility over the pool called police on the Negress after she refused to provide proof that they were allowed to use the pool. She apparently was allowed to use the pool but the incident which was recorded, spiraled into a whole fiasco on social media. The Negress called him a horribly racist individual and he has now lost his job.

NY Post:

A white man who challenged a black family’s use of a private community’s pool has not only resigned from the homeowners association board — he’s lost his job.

Sonoco announced Friday that Adam Bloom is no longer employed by the packaging and industrial products company, saying it doesn’t condone discrimination of any kind, even if it happens outside its workplace.

A video posted on the Facebook page of Jasmine Edwards on July 4, seen more than 4 million times, shows what happened after Bloom questioned whether she was allowed to be at the pool in Winston-Salem. He also called police.

Bloom, Edwards and the responding officers all speak in measured tones in the video. She accuses him of singling out her and her young son as African-Americans by asking to see her ID. Bloom, who served as the chairman of the pool, responds that he asks residents to see their identification “a couple times” each week.

Officers then determined that Edwards, who lives in the neighborhood, did in fact have keycard access to the gated pool.

An officer then apologized to her. When Edwards asked Bloom for an apology, he walked away.

With the last name “Bloom” it’s possible that this guy is a Jew. I can’t say that definitively however.

But him being a Jew or not is not really the important part of the story. It seems as if this was just a case of him not recognizing the niggers who were using the pool. I’m not even sure it had anything to do with race necessarily. Although, it is only natural to raise questions when one sees Negroids in majority White areas. Especially considering that the pool was inside some sort of gated community.

And I like Anglin’s theory on this story. It’s very possible that Bloom was just trying to save the niggers from drowning in the pool since it is a known fact that niggers can’t swim. I mean, did you see that swimmer from Equitorial Guinea at the 2000 Summer Olympics?

But of course this Negress made it about race and got him fired from his job. Is this not a case of nigger privilege? They can cry racism about almost anything, whine about it on social media, get a mob after someone and ruin the person’s life. It’s completely insane that such a thing is allowed to happen.

There’s been a number of stories like this where average people are getting doxxed by the media and having their life ruined over relatively benign things. The “Permit Patty” story is another case of this. They’re trying to put a lid on this explosion of White racial awareness that’s happening by making examples out of random people.

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