Following the fire that burned down the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a man was arrested after he walked into St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City with gas cans.

I had suspected that it might be a Moslem of some kind, but it looks like it was a mentally disturbed leftist named Marc Lamparello.

Here’s his picture.

We do have a big problem with racial minorities in America but we also have a problem with mental illness. So it is certainly possible an insane man wanted to walk into a prominent historical building and burn it down after seeing what happened in Paris.

If anything, it just illustrates the need for us to bring back insane asylums in full force. Jews have pushed retarded ideas claiming that it is intolerant for normal people not to accept crazy individuals as normal. This is obviously a harmful practice and needs to end. Otherwise, you’ll have other insane people armed with gas cans trying to burn down buildings.