This is a fascinating story. French President Emmanuel Macron has been aggressively pushing to shut down France’s nuclear plants. Nuclear power if you weren’t aware is the primary source of energy for the country.


French President Emmanuel Macron has said the country will move more slowly than promised to cap the amount of energy it derives from nuclear energy.

Amid daily protests about high energy prices, Mr Macron said France will shut down 14 nuclear reactors by 2035 out of 58 now in order.

He said France would cap the amount of electricity it derives from nuclear plants at 50 per cent by 2035, which is a delay compared with the goal of 2025 set by his predecessor Francois Hollande.

France depends more on nuclear energy than any other country, getting about three-quarters of its electricity from its 19 nuclear plants.

The French leader promised to develop renewable energy instead, saying his priority is weaning France’s economy from fuel that contributes to global warming.

What’s noteworthy about this is that nuclear energy does not emit carbon dioxide. It’s a green energy that the co-founder of Greenpeace has endorsed as a solution to global warming. So even if you believe in this retarded global warming/climate change hoax, eliminating nuclear power does nothing to help with that.

So just as Macron pushed to implement a fuel tax on the French people to fight climate change, he has also been trying to shut down the nation’s nuclear power plants. And again, this is a source of power that does not contribute to climate change.

You can’t square the two. The only explanation for this is that Macron is deliberately advocating an anti-energy agenda that hurts the French people. You can’t say that a tax on fuel has to be implemented to fight climate change just as you are trying to dismantle infrastructure which provides a source of green energy which does not emit carbon dioxide.

Macron is purposefully trying to increase energy prices. That’s the only logical conclusion one can make after analyzing everything he is doing. It’s no wonder the French people are pissed off.