French President Emmanuel Macron is facing a no confidence vote from a group of left-wing parties as his approval rating has sunk to 18 percent.


At least three left-wing parties at the French parliament have agreed to discuss a vote of no confidence against the government amid sweeping protests, against Macron’s policies, which have gripped the country.

Among those planning to question Emmanuel Macron’s leadership is La France Insoumise party whose leader Jean-Luc Melenchon has long been a vocal critic of the current government.

The French Communist Party and the Socialist Party, which ruled the country before the 2017 presidential elections, have also confirmed to be in on the plan.

Basically they’re waiting to see what happens over the weekend when the “Yellow Vest” movement is preparing to hold more rallies. A major mobilization of security forces is underway across the country as part of an effort to maintain order. According to unverified reports, the French military has been spotted making their way to Paris.

It’s hard to say what’s going to happen next but Macron is wildly unpopular. Even members of the police and other groups tasked with security hate him and have expressed solidarity with the “Yellow Vest” movement.

It’s really difficult to see how he can maintain political power. If he can’t maintain order over the weekend, his only option left would be to give the military shoot to kill orders. And how many military men are going to be willing to shoot their own people to help prop up a hated political figure who has an approval rating of 18 percent?

This weekend should be interesting to watch. I’m rooting for the French and wish them well in taking back their country.