There was lots of crazy shit going on in France yesterday. It basically appears as if these “Yellow Vest” protests which started out as a protest against high fuel prices, is transforming into a full-fledged revolution against the French government. Many thousands of White Frenchmen took to the streets to riot against the establishment.

They’re saying that these were the worst riots in France since the late 1960s. The big riots in France since then like the one a decade ago have been from Arabs. These riots were mostly all Whites.

Here’s some clips showing just a little bit of what happened.

The “Yellow Vest” movement has vowed to take to the streets until French President Emmanuel Macron is removed from power.

Macron issued a goofy statement about the violence while still in Argentina for the G20 summit. He lectured them about not wanting real change and some other stupid shit.

Upon returning to France, he was booed as he met with police and firefighters.

Macron has called an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. There’s a chance he might declare a “state of emergency” but it’s unknown what he’ll ultimately do.

The problem is that Macron has branded himself as someone who won’t give in to the demands of street protests. He’s basically saying that he’s not going to do anything that the French people want.

This is clearly not a sustainable position. If he chooses to maintain this position, he’s also going to have to order the military to shoot people in the streets. It’s hard to see how he could maintain political power any other way. And if he actually did that, it would not be a very good look for the person the Jews are trying to meme as the European Union’s most prominent leader.

Things don’t look good for Macron. The French are pissed off and they want him gone. He should cut his losses and resign but it is doubtful that he will do this.