The lying Jew vermin Michael Cohen will be testifying in front of Congress for the next several days. Allegedly he will be accusing the President of the United States of being a criminal and a racist person.

NBC News:

During his much-anticipated public testimony before Congress on Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s former longtime attorney Michael Cohen will provide evidence of his old boss’s alleged criminal conduct since becoming president, a knowledgeable source about what to expect told NBC News.

And, according to the source, there is much more that congressional investigators and viewers can expect Cohen to provide.

Cohen will detail his allegations of the president’s lies, racism and cheating as a private businessman while Cohen spent a decade working for him, the source said.

Cohen will also give lawmakers information about Trump’s financial statements and might actually provide the statements, the source said. This information would require the president’s long-held secret tax returns in order to verify, providing an avenue for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to request those returns. The source noted the allegation that Trump deflated the value of his properties in some cases to reduce his property taxes.

Cohen’s three-day appearance begins Tuesday with closed-door testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Only the Wednesday hearing before the House Oversight Committee is scheduled to be made public. Cohen will also testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

Cohen is not a credible individual as he is already going to prison for all sorts of weird financial kikery involving taxis. And what is he going to reveal exactly? That Trump tried to reduce his property taxes and may have said something mean about blacks? There’s nothing important here and it is ridiculous that Congress is going to waste three days hearing what he has to say.

Cohen is just one of several Jews who are conspiring to bring down Trump’s presidency with hoaxes and lies. He chose his own self interests and the interests of his tribe over the interests of his one time client.

If Trump ends up getting impeached or removed from office for all this hoax stuff, we need to make it clear that this was a Jewish conspiracy that did this. Remember, it was the Jew Rod Rosenstein who launched the Russia hoax investigation and it has been promoted endlessly by the Jewish media.