The state of American politics is completely fucking ridiculous. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam just held a press conference to address the situation with that blackface/KKK yearbook photo. During the press conference he admitted to doing blackface when he darkened his face to be in a Michael Jackson costume for a dance contest.

Here’s the entire press conference if you want to torture yourself for 42 minutes.

It has also been revealed that he was nicknamed “Coonman” in his younger years. As bad as that is, I guess it would have been worse if he was nicknamed “Moonman.”

The local media coverage of this fiasco is comical.

It’s pretty funny how this guy did blackface to be Michael Jackson. Especially considering that Jackson was someone who spent most of his life transforming himself to be as White as possible.

Even after all of this, Northam is refusing to resign.

Talk about a completely insane and ridiculous situation. WTF is going on in America any way? Seems like shit just keeps getting weirder and weirder.