The Nigerian military just shot and killed protesters and justified it by quoting Donald Trump.

Washington Examiner:

Taking Trump “seriously but not literally” doesn’t translate across the Atlantic, apparently.

Nigerian soldiers opened fire on approximately 1,000 activists as they marched through the capital of Abuja, killing as many as 40 and wounding more than 100 with their bullets. Normal behavior for a nation that slaughters its citizens, the shooting was alarming for another reason.

After the Monday shooting, the Nigerian Army justified their actions Friday. The protesters weren’t peaceful, they claimed. They were throwing rocks after all and, according to Nigerian brass, President Trump unilaterally rewrote the rules of engagement when he said Thursday that the U.S. military would treat rock-throwing migrants like rifle-firing combatants.

Regardless of what you think of the tactics employed, they certainly worked. The protest came to an abrupt end after the military shot them.

It’s just funny that the actions of the Nigerian military are being blamed on Trump because he said that the military would consider rock throwers no different than if they were carrying a rifle. This was a statement in reference to the incoming Central American caravan invasion.

But what can Trump do? Blacks have a difficult time separating the difference between literal and figurative speech.