This is turning into a circus. President Blurmf just tweeted again about closing the border.

I’ve lost track of how many times he has posted a similar type of tweet. So at this point I have no confidence in him doing anything substantive about the border problem. He’s just allowing catch and release to continue while blaming Congress for not passing laws to resolve the problem.

I will say that closing the border indefinitely to put pressure on Congress to change the laws is a good strategy. It would also put pressure on Mexico to stop these Central American hordes that are coming up through their country.

But the fact that this is a good strategy indicates that he probably won’t do it or if he does do it, it will be done in some sort of half-assed way. Because notice how he is now talking about closing sections of the border and not the entire border.

Quite frankly though, I have no idea what he’s going to do but he could have ordered a complete shut down of the border at any time. I just hope I’m wrong and he escapes from whatever spell his evil Jew son-in-law has on him and he shuts down the border. America is being invaded by endless amounts of poor shithole people and I do not want them here. All they do is bring crime, disease and filth.