Now that the Russia hoax has been fully exposed as the bullshit that it always was, former FBI Director James Comey posted this weird tweet of himself in the woods.

Lindsey Graham responded telling him, “see you soon.”

So it looks like Graham intends on calling him to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee which he now chairs.

But if there’s anybody who is going to take the fall for this treasonous coup attempt it would be Comey. He’s pissed off people on both sides of the aisle with his chicanery. Of course I’m not holding my breath that this will happen. Most likely all of these traitors who orchestrated this hoax won’t see a single day in prison.

Look at Hillary Clinton. That bitch is guilty of all sorts of crimes and nothing has happened to her.

Who knows though, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised but I’m not expecting to be.