The political left is utterly insane and retarded. Something is seriously wrong with their minds. They still think the Trump-Russia conspiracy is real despite Bob Mueller’s report stating conclusively that there was no evidence of any collusion. The whole thing was a hoax from the start. Anybody who objectively looked at the situation could see this.

They also spent the past two years hailing Mueller as the gold standard of investigators and now dipshits like Cenk Uygur are suddenly questioning Mueller’s integrity.

We are also seeing these people claim that Attorney General William Barr is conspiring to hide information even though he directly quotes from Mueller’s report in his summary letter. If Barr was misrepresenting the facts of the report, we’d see Mueller or members of the Mueller team correcting him. But despite that, they’re demanding to see the entire report in order to imply that Barr is part of some weird cover up.

Who besides low IQ morons can take these delusional assholes seriously? Even their own followers are telling them to take the loss and move on.

This represents an enormous blow not just to the credibility of these leftists but the Jewish fake news media in general. They spent the past two years breathlessly promoting this conspiracy theory hoax as real and they were totally wrong.