The 2019 Bilderberg Meeting is taking place this weekend in Switzerland. Both Jared Kushner and Mike Pompeo are apparently attending.


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday joined Jared Kushner at a closed-doors meeting of the Bilderberg Group in the Swiss resort of Montreux, with many attendees uneasy about what one protester called the “wrecking ball” that President Donald Trump’s administration has taken to the postwar international order.

The annual gathering of high-profile participants from business, politics, intelligence and defense saw a visit from America’s top diplomat just as freshly-announced Trump tariffs on Mexico rattled world markets and U.S. tensions with Iran raised world concerns.

The four-day meeting that ends Sunday comes as Trump critics argue that his rhetoric and policies are a threat to the globalist postwar stability that was largely born of U.S. leadership. Trump supporters counter that the United States has been taken for granted for too long and its needs must now come first.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bilderberg, it is indeed a secret meeting where all sorts of international power brokers in politics and business get together to discuss all sorts of weird shit. The meeting has been going on since the 1950s but they’ve only been forced to be more transparent about it in recent years. This after a number of independent journalists took it upon themselves to shine light on what was going on.

Now, the meeting gets covered by the mainstream but only so they can put their spin on it. They want you to believe that the meeting is harmless when it is clearly not. It is a secret meeting where powerful people talk about secret shit that they don’t want people knowing about. There’s all sorts of security around the conference and journalists who attempt to cover it are regularly harassed.

The attendee list shows that a bunch of big names from Silicon Valley are there. Weirdly, Stacey Abrams was invited which means she might be under consideration to be the Democrat Vice Presidential nominee assuming Joe Biden wins the nomination.

Luke Rudowski and some other people loosely connected to Alex Jones and Infowars are there. He confronted the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Internet censorship.

Some of them were also apparently harassed at the airport.

And despite all of that, the mainstream press wants you to believe this is an insignificant gathering of power brokers. This is obviously bullshit. Powerful and wealthy people don’t all get together for fun. They do so only if there is a very specific purpose.

But the fact that Kushner and Pompeo are at this meeting runs counter to the populist presidential campaign Donald Trump ran on. Attendees of Bilderberg have historically been major supporters of this deranged international Jewish system.