The biggest news story in America for the past week was the retarded impeachment circus. This has now been replaced with the death of former professional basketball player Kobe Bryant. He reportedly died in a helicopter crash with his 13-year-old daughter.

It is the top story on Drudge.

When I was at the gym this afternoon, every television in the gym had something about his death. It was the top story on all cable news stations and whatever sports/nigger ball bullshit was on.

As I write this, over 100,000 people are watching the live coverage of CBS Los Angeles where they are telling everyone how great of a person Kobe allegedly was.

No mention of the infamous Kobe rape case either, even though that bitch was probably lying.

But why so much attention on this?

I can understand if the death of a prominent figure in the world of sports is briefly mentioned in the news cycle, but the amount of attention this has gotten is insane.

It shows that America’s obsession with professional sports has become a mental illness. The death of a Negro whose primary talent was putting a round ball through a hoop is not all that noteworthy.

Objectively speaking the virus outbreak in China is a far bigger news story. This however has been mostly ignored by the corporate media. They’ve chosen to cover the impeachment bullshit and Bryant’s death in much more detail over a situation that could potentially turn into a mass pandemic.

All this shows is that your average American is focused in on bullshit that just doesn’t matter and this sickness is further exacerbated by what the media zeros in on.

At least one funny thing came out of this situation. Some bitch on MSNBC apparently referred to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team as the Los Angeles Niggers during their coverage of Bryant’s death. Blacks on Twitter have been chimping out over it which is quite hilarious.